7 Apps Like Possible Finance: Which One Suits You?

7 Apps Like Possible Finance: Which One Suits You?

Possible Finance is an online lender that provides high-interest small, installment loans via its application. People with no credit history or poor credit could receive up to $500, although the loans are only offered in restricted states.

Possible is marketed as a substitute for payday loans, expensive short-term loans paid back from your next paycheck. It also allows up to 8 weeks to repay the loan over biweekly. Over fifty percent of the American population has obtained personal loans. 

What is Possible Finance?

Possible Finance operates an online lending platform that assists borrowers with a limited credit history to get loans up to $500 via its mobile application or web. In contrast, a payday loan is a loan that needs to be paid back at the time of your next paycheck, and you can are given up to two months to repay the Possible Finance installment loan.

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Best 7 Apps Like Possible Finance

1. B9

Are you searching for loan apps such as Possible Finance? If yes, look up B9 on the Play Store and the App Store. It generally offers more than simply loans. With this app, you can receive your full payment in advance. You’ll need to join the paid membership, which is USD 9.99 monthly.

However, the services provided by the app are legitimate. You can access your full pay 15 days before the day arrives. You’ll be eligible to use all the features a sophisticated cash platform provides. This app is a good option if you’re comfortable establishing an account with a bank and paying an annual fee.


  • The maximum amount is 100percent of the salary advances
  • Instant advance without advance-related charge
  • Non-residents can be eligible for an ITIN


  • As high as $19.99 in monthly membership fees.
  • You must be paid $500 by direct deposit into your B9 account.
  • A few extra features stand out when compared to other cash advance applications.
  • The monthly fee can be costly for occasionally occurring advancements.

2. Affirm

There could be a variety of apps that offer money, such as the ones you can earn through the app market. It is good to know that Affirm provides a great service for those needing money advances. Affirm is regarded as the most effective online shopping app. It is possible to refer to this app as the Buy-Now-Pay-later app, which is the leader in the market.

Like many credit apps you can use, you must make an amount of down at the beginning. Through Affirm, you can receive up to 175,000 USD – conditions and conditions will apply. This is why people feel comfortable using Affirm to fulfill various requirements.


  • Prequalify for credit with a soft inquiry 
  • A quick loan facility is available
  • There aren’t any charges for service, late payment fees, or prepayment penalties.


  • The maximum APR is 30 percent. If your creditworthiness is high, the APR you pay could be higher than that of the average credit card APR, which was 14.51 percent as of November 2021.
  • It’s only available in some places. Affirm is only offered for some purchases at retail.
  • No refunds on interest paid on returns. If you decide to return any items you purchased, Affirm will not reimburse you for the interest you’ve already paid for the borrowed money.
  • A down payment may not be eligible to purchase the total amount of the purchase, and Affirm might require the price of a down.

3. Brigit

There are plenty of names for other apps, such as Possible Finance. However, if you’re looking for something specific, for example, you require an application for frequent borrowers, You can examine Brigit.

Brigit is not an unknown name in the sector. As with many excellent loans and instant cash providers, you must pay a monthly membership fee. It’s USD9.99 each month. This one is attractive – many apps cost a minimum of USD15 per transaction. 


  • Do not require to pay instant transfer fees
  • Fully online
  • There are no interest or tipping fees:
  • No credit check required


  • It is costly.
  • A lower withdrawal amount
  • No instant direct deposit

4. MoneyLion

MoneyLion is in the middle of the market regarding the value it provides in cash advances. It offers users up to $250 in cash advance at zero percent APR. 

The app exceeds expectations with its commitment to helping those with low credit scores. MoneyLion isn’t only lenient in its standards. It doesn’t conduct any credit checks in any way. 


  • Payments are made to three of the critical consumer credit bureaus
  • No hard credit inquiries are required.


  • Monthly membership fees
  • Small loan amounts are only offered.
  • The loan funds could be deposited in an account in reserve until you repay the loan.

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5. Dave

Dave Cash Advance offers a cash-out option similar to Possible Finance. But the sum you can avail is much less. Dave Cash Advance maxes out at $200 in advance on your next payday. When taken in its entirety, this may make the application less impressive.

However, one of the primary advantages that are unique to Dave Cash Advance is the other features. These side jobs are typically an easy method of earning money over time. The app also works with LevelCredit to improve the credit score of all people who use the application. It also shields users from overdraft charges as well as ATM charges.


  • No interest
  • Offers suggestions on finding ways to make extra money.
  • Provides updates on balances to help protect your account from Overdrafts


  • A membership fee of $1 per month is required for access to cash advances
  • Terms for short-term repayments

6. Earnin

Earnin is a financial application that lets users access their earnings before transferring them into their bank accounts. The app is connected to an account at the user’s bank.

Earnin does not charge any obligatory costs, but the optional tips can range from zero to 14 percent of the advance. Although Earnin may be a convenient option to obtain cash in emergencies, users are not advised to depend on the service to meet the ongoing cash flow requirements.


  • There are no fees that must be paid.
  • No credit checks are required.
  • Available on the same day.


  • Borrowing limits are low.
  • The appearance of low-cost tips could be a sign of high APRs
  • It requires sharing personal bank information

7. Avant

Avant is a good option for those with less-than-stellar credit scores, as you might be eligible for an individual loan with an average credit score of less than 560. Additionally, you can utilize the funds to fulfill various needs, including paying for unanticipated expenses or consolidating existing debt into one payment. However, you could have to cover an initial fee.


  • Credit score requirements for low credit scores
  • Android, as well as iOS apps, are accessible
  • Personal loans are refinanced


  • An origination fee of 4.75%
  • Documentation of income may be required.
  • The amount of the loan is reasonable.

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The apps on the list above provide services ranging from payday advances to pay-later services to a large loan to pay off your financial obligations. Whatever you choose, regardless of your preference, you must know the conditions and terms for every app before engaging in the service. If you know what you need to pay and can repay in time, the apps listed above are an excellent choice.

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