Can You Use A Check With an Old Address 2022?

Can You Use A Check With an Old Address 2022?

Electronic or digital money transfer has reduced the use of checks to a great extent but this banking instrument is still being used all over the world. 

It is in this backdrop that the utility of a check as a banking instrument comes to the fore. Naturally, the rules and regulations about the use of checks also turn important. A large number of people still prefer transactions by checks for greater transparency and safety. 

Besides, many also prefer the use of a check as its physical evidence remains with the bank, and such evidence can be recalled with a physical copy of the check issued in case of some legal disputes. 

Naturally, the checks are continuing to be in use. However, there are many aspects people, by and large, may not be aware of about its issuance process and issues concerning the address.  

Let us try to understand it from its real perspective. 

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Can I Deposit A Check If The Address Is Wrong?

Yes, you can do it. The check with the wrong address may be deposited if the name on which it has been issued is genuine. This genuineness of name, however, has to be established by the ID kept with the bank. 

If the ID matches the preserved ID in the bank, the check can be deposited. The account number of the depositor also must be correct. The ID was also confirmed with the help of the Know Your Customer (KYC) verification process. 

Therefore, a deposit of the check if the address is old or wrong is allowed. Some banks, however, may raise objections. Usually, such objections are not raised. But the possibility of it cannot be ruled out.   

When You Can Use a Check With an Old Address?

You can do it at any time after your address is changed. If you have already informed the bank’s branch about your new address, there is nothing to worry about. However, if you have not done so, you still can use the check with the old address. 

Using checks with an old address usually happens on moving to a new home with a new address, you may find your old checkbook. It has your old home address. You can use the checks once sent to your earlier address. 

It is always advisable that you update your address with the commercial bank you are maintaining your account with as you change the address. However, if you have not done so, you can still use the checkbook mailed at your earlier home address.  

When You Can’t Use a Check With an Old Address?

The address mentioned in your bank account record must have physical existence. Supposing a flood or earthquake demolishes your home to such an extent that its very existence cannot be seen, the address given to the bank automatically gets nullified. 

It also may happen that you sell off your home to move to a new city or locality within the same city. But your address maintained in the bank’s record continues to carry the old address. 

In such cases, it is always advisable to make your checkbook legally valid by surrendering it to the bank and have a new checkbook issued in your favor bearing the news address. 

Is An Address On Checks Required?

No, it is not mandatory. Every check has a number, which is recorded against the customer for whom the instrument has been issued. The bank knows your address and ID. Hence, writing your address on the check is unnecessary. Usually, no bank asks for this.  

But some banking institutions, at times (though rarely), may ask you to mention your address on the checks. Usually, this is not the usual practice. In the case of some large corporations or companies, the checkbooks are printed with their address. But this is not the case with the individuals. 

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How to Change Your Address on Checks?

The process is very simple. This can be done by writing to the branch of the bank that issued the checkbook to you. You can mention, in writing, your new home address which will be incorporated in your account/bank record. 

The fresh or new checkbook, on being ordered by you, will come to this new address. 

How to Order New Checks?

People need new checks when the old checkbook gets exhausted. Make an online or written request to the branch of the bank you are banking with. You have the benefit of both online and offline requests for ordering New Checks Through Your Bank. You can also mention the number of check-leaf you want. The bank may supply the checkbook accordingly containing the number of leaves you have demanded. 

1. Ordering New Checks through Your Bank

It is the easiest way to receive checks through your bank. While requesting a new checkbook, you need not separately send any details to them. All you have to do is visit your bank branch and submit your request. You can even submit an online application for it. 

If everything goes well, you can get a copy of your new checkbook within a fortnight. You can get the same at your bank branch or at home. You may have to incur certain charges as the cost of issuance of the new checkbook. The cost will be automatically charged by the bank from your savings.

2. Ordering New Checks Online

When you order new checks online, you won’t have to visit a bank branch. It helps you save your conveyance charge. However, if you have any apprehension about online safety and data privacy, it’s better to submit your request in person to your bank. 

But if you are a busy professional and you don’t have much time, you can order checks online. As long as you are not sharing your bank account number, debit card number, and password—you need not worry. 

3. Print New Checks At Home

You can try this option as well. But it involves additional investment. You need to have a specimen copy of the check and special stock paper to start printing checks at home. 

It helps you get new checks at the least possible time. However, you have to make sure that you follow all relevant guidelines and formats as specified by your bank. Even a slight mistake anywhere in the process means those checks can’t be used. 

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What to Do if You Need a Check?

When you don’t have any spare checks at home, you have the following options to choose from: 

Order New Checks

You can order your new check digitally from your smartphone dashboard. Don’t forget to check the relevant terms and conditions before furnishing your request.  

Get a counter check

If you urgently need checks to pay off your liabilities, you can request your bank for counter checks. Counter checks are actually blank checks that you can physically purchase from your bank branch.    

Get a cashier’s check

When getting a counter check is not possible, you can opt for cashier’s checks. However, making a request for a cashier’s check involves some charges. 

Get a money order

When all other options fail, you can always buy a money order form from your nearest post office. Using the money order form you can pay anyone you wish to. 

Consider Alternative Payment Methods

You can also choose peer-to-peer money transfer apps. Two prominent apps you can select are Venmo and CashApp. You can use these apps to make payments to anybody you wish to instead of using checks. Another option is to use PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer, and other similar apps. 

It is always a good idea to have multiple payment apps downloaded or installed on your smartphone to make instant payments. You can also keep a tab on your checks to ensure you have a sufficient quantity of valid check leaves at home.

Can I still use checks with my maiden name on them?

Yes, you can. You have legal rights to use your maiden name in transactions through a bank. If you want to change it after marriage, you can do so. 

Here, it must be noted that your personal ID with the bank should have your maiden name registered, and then only you can use the maiden name for checks having it. 

It may be mentioned here that keeping or maintaining your maiden name is your birthright. The bank cannot deny it. Hence, it is completely of your choice or free will to use checks bearing your maiden name. 

Hence, you can still use them as a matter of choice and right.

In Conclusion

 For many official purposes relating to government departments, the system of transactions by check is still in use all over the world. Hence, we cannot just say that the popularization and growing use of digital platforms for monetary transactions has brought an end to the use of checks. 

Besides, the very large amounts of money transferred from one company to the other or one government department to the other are most preferably done through the physical paper checks. 

Hence, we just cannot say the era of paper checks of banks has stopped. The money transfer is also useful as the chances of financial fraud are comparatively less as compared to the digital money transfer.


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