Donut App Review – Earn Up to 10% Yield with Your Savings

Donut App Review – Earn Up to 10% Yield with Your Savings

Donut Crypto Investing focuses on the belief that people should digitally store most of their possessions. Because of this objective, they have developed their program to focus on this idea. Their ideals revolve around one of investing simply, permitting their users full control over their investments, and absolute transparency when making their investments.

What is Donut App?

Donut is a financial technology business that specializes in cryptocurrency investments. Also, this company’s founders are Jordan Abderrachid and Neel Popat. It was founded in 2018 and currently has offices in Los Angeles and Berlin. Moreover, the company has received a total of $3.8 million from seed rounds, with the most recent round of financing closing in June 2021.

We think most people will digitally accumulate most of their assets within the next decade, and also including the cryptocurrencies. Additionally, It has arts and unique land in envisioning. We said Donut has three different forms of monetary savings.

  • Add assets to a standard deposit through a bank transfer 
  • Schedule a recurring deposit for a fixed amount at a fixed date every day, week, or month.

Calculate a sum of the rounded-up difference between a real purchase amount and the next whole dollar, with a deposit made once a minimum amount has been reached.

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How Does Donut App Work?

Donut supplies you with the opportunity to earn interest by letting you choose to sell a cryptocurrency as collateral for incoming interest. It currently supports return Dai or digital Dollars. Digital Dollars are an excellent selection when selecting a currency you can supply to a lending platform, for example, Compound or Yearn, if you want to read more about Compound.

Donut reserves the right to utilize any lending protocol, and also based on the state you happen to be in, Donut may credit your account based on the savings rate of a given benefit. Therefore, if you choose to use Donut Savings, Donut will credit the amount of electronic cash earned to your account in US dollars. Interest that is priced annually can accrue at short intervals.

Donut may alter this agreement by updating the accepted forms of security. Also, digital currencies don’t have any economic value or legal status and are not backed by any nation. Moreover, they are not backed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) or the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC). Further, Donut is not a financial institution and does not feature checking accounts, savings accounts, or other services.

Donut App Features

  • Round-Up

You may set up as many spare investments as possible, such as morning coffees, gas, or dinner. Daily expenses you cover like coffee, gasoline, or food can be designated to offset savings.

  • Schedule

Donut allows you to decide how much you need to save, when you plan it, how often you invest, and how much money you will need to invest in the first place. You can pause or customize your investments to your account at any time, making Donut an excellent choice for a financially secure future.

  • Quick Buy

You can invest in your portfolio with this extra incentive you have on hand. You can quickly invest birthday money or money you find in your pockets.

Cryptocurrencies provide the potential for savings that derive from business life cycles. Financial assets, such as stocks and ETFs, grow as companies evolve.

  • No surprise fees

Donut charges a 2.5% fee for accounting and operating costs. There are no hidden fees.

  • Safety & Security

The app uses AES 256 encryption and only asks for information required for optimal user experience.

  • FDIC insurance

Any currency in your Donut balance will be assured up to $250,000.

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Pros and Cons of Donut App


  • Round your earnings up, and the system will save automatically. 
  • Earn 4-10 on your savings. 
  • No withdrawals or processing fees.


  • Credits have a 2.0% admin fee. 
  • Not FDIC or insurance company plan.

Who Should Use Donut App?

You only can use Our Services if you’re at least 18 years of age and not barred from using banking or investment services under the laws of a specific jurisdiction or the United States. You can’t accept these Terms of Use on behalf of an entity, business, government, or other organization.

Donut App Pricing Plans


Charge $0

  • Option available to introduce up to 24 people per round in 1 Slack channel.
  • Pair up to 24 users each in 1 channel to meet and get to know each other.
  • Also, need to build meaningful relationships with teammates.
  • Invite new hires to join your Donut channel.


Charge $49

  • It starts at $49/month for 24 users
  • Create robust including mentorship connection programs, and peer learning.
  • Available unlimited users in unlimited channels.
  • Advanced pairing logic. 
  • Custom group size and intro messages.
  • Google Calendar and Zoom integrations.


Charge $99/month

  • Start with $99/month for 24 users
  • Add a new-hire buddy system.
  • Access admin controls and builds custom workflows.
  • Fully customizable messaging and Unlimited targeted intros.
  • Donut’s complete library of connections including onboarding and programming best practices.


  • Contact us at Custom Plan
  • We’ll create an annual package for your team, that also includes implementation support.
  • Annual invoicing.
  • Custom solutions.
  • Security reviews.
  • Dedicated customer success manager.

How Do I Open An Account in Donut App?

You’ll need to have your phone handy to create an account with Donut, as they do not currently provide desktop access. Also, you can download the application and get an account on their website.

How to Add or Withdraw Funds from Donut App?

You can transfer funds from your Donut account to your bank account by requesting an electronic funds transfer from your linked bank account or using your credit card. Moreover, ff you would like to withdraw funds from your Donut account, you can transfer them to a bank account linked to your account.

We may be able to hold off on a withdrawal under certain circumstances, such as if we can confirm that you have authorized your withdrawal or if other payments to your ledger have been reversed. The minimum amount you can deposit is $10, and you can deposit up to $25,000.

Is it Safe to Use Donut App?

Donut is not a bank like most other fintech, but it isn’t a bank. It partners with a bank and another company to handle deposits (USD). Evolve Bank & Trust is the bank that Donut utilizes to handle promises. When you deposit cash with Donut, it is FDIC-insured. However, when your money is invested in a cryptocurrency, it is no longer FDIC-protected. And finally, “crypto dollars” in your Donut Savings Accounts are isolated from FDIC protection.

Coinbase and some other cryptocurrency exchanges do not have value-added for cryptocurrencies, unlike Donut. However, they use offline or cold storage for more extensive virtual currency deposits.

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Is It Worth Use Donut App?

People who are curious about DeFi could try Donut. Even the lowest possible interest that Donut offers are far greater than what is offered on most high-yield savings accounts today. But we don’t like that Donut charges a yearly fee of 2 for its Plans when other companies like Celsius or BlockFi offer similar interest rates without a fee attached. If you’d like to compare a Donut account with others, view our recommendations here.

How to Contact Donut Support?

You can reach us by email at or phone between 09:00 and 18:00 Pacific Time during weekdays. We’ll be available for you outside of business hours if it’s an emergency.


Developed to be beginner-friendly and easily navigable, Donut makes it so anybody can invest in cryptocurrency from anywhere. This app makes it possible to invest any of your spare change in the Digital Currency of your choice.

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