Get Paid To Read Books Aloud – Top 10 Sites to Consider

Get Paid To Read Books Aloud – Top 10 Sites to Consider

It’s time to make your hobby a profitable business. It may sound unbelievable, but some people make a living reading aloud books. They’ve done this for years.

How Much do You Get Paid to Read Books Aloud?

The rates you earn as a freelancer through Fiverr or Upwork confirm between you and the client. Also. the type of projects that you are able to deliver and your experience in this field will affect the amount you earn.

Your qualifications and experience and the publisher for which you are working will determine your ability to fill this role. The average annual pay for a specialist is USD 44,218. An experienced narrator can make between USD 120-USD 500 an hour. Also, beginners can expect to make between USD 50-USD 350 per hour.

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Is it illegal to Read a Book on a Live Stream?

You must have the rights to Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Live. The book must also be available in the public domain before you can read it aloud live on Twitch or YouTube. Don’t accept donations if you don’t intend to monetize your channel or stream. You may be allowed to read the book provided you adhere to fair use guidelines.

  • The material in a way that gives meaning to the original material. Also, it is not being sold.
  • This data is not fictional but rather factual.
  • You are borrowing small pieces of the material and not the entire work.
  • Your use of the material is not going to affect the copyright owner.

Can You Make a Living on Narrating Audiobooks and Reading Books?

A lot of people make a living narrating audiobooks. Many platforms pay good money for you to record yourself reading them aloud. Moreover, your experience counts the specific and exact amount you complete. The length of a book and the amount of time it will take you to finish. If you have ever listened to an audiobook, you should remember that someone had to record it. 

Moreover, if you have enough work, you can still make a living by reading books. Although a salaried job in this field is rare, you can make a living by doing contract work or freelance work for as little as $600 per project. Finding work that pays the bills consistently is difficult, but you can do it with perseverance and time.

Can I Read Books on YouTube and Get Paid?

If you don’t have the rights to the content or don’t have permission from the rights holders that you violate copyright, you can’t use YouTube to read books and get paid. However, if the books are available in the public domain, you can still get paid to read aloud books via YouTube.

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How Do I Record Myself Reading a Book Aloud?

  • Create a Good Recording Environment and Sound Setup

First, set up a recording studio to produce balanced, quiet audio. Your base should always be there no matter where you choose to record. You can improve the quality of your audio by making small changes in the environment where you are recording. 

Moreover, you can test your voice level by registering on an iPhone using an app. Or, you can watch the spikes in your audio using Voice Memo or another recording app. By moving your microphone away from any noise source, you can eliminate external noise.

  • Read the Entire Piece Before You Start Recording

It would help if you read the whole book to understand better a character’s personality and how they speak. You may also need to refer to information later in the book to know how to read specific scenes or emphasize certain words.

Before you start working in the studio, knowing everything about your project is important. 

Otherwise, you might make a huge time-wasting error in translating the book. Furthermore, you may need to conduct additional research if you find out that one character’s background information could significantly impact how you read the book.

  • Practice Each Section Like it’s a Monologue

You’re more than just a narrator of audiobooks, and you’re acting. It is the most challenging and time-consuming part of the job is dialogue. However, if the books are available in the public domain, you can still get paid to read aloud books via YouTube. They can monetize them, and public domain books do not require rights holders. 

  • Edit Your Sound to the Best of Your Ability

You can edit audio clips and put them together in free software. To make it easier to edit and export your recordings, limit the length of each chapter. Before uploading your recordings to a program, make sure they are lossless using your iPhone. You can do some things in post-production with editing to improve your voice. 

  • Export Lossless Audio

No matter what program you are using, exporting with the best settings is different. Exporting to a Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC) is a good way to ensure quality. Uploading to Youtube or any other platform will cause a loss of quality.  Also, it is best to export and upload the file in the highest quality possible. 

Top Sites to Get Paid to Read Books Aloud

1. People Per Hour

This AI-driven platform matches you with clients using your profile. However, similar to Fiverr, it allows you to post individual jobs at different price points under the Audiobook voice talent category. Clients can also purchase packages.

You will need to create a profile and be a freelancer to sign up for Peopleperhour. Once you have approved the algorithm, it matches you with potential clients who match your project characteristics and other specialties. You can only submit 15 proposals per month, but you can manually search projects. You can use additional credits to apply for additional projects.

2. Spoken Realms

Spoken Realm is an online network of skilled, professional, and engaging storytellers. If you are interested in becoming an audiobook narrator for this site, being a member of SAG-AFTRA or ACTRA will be a benefit. Spoken realms let you read and narrate graphic novels. You can see the name of the structure of payments in the following terms:

Per-Finished-Hour (PFH)

Royalty Share

3. Brilliance Audio

Brilliance Audio is an Amazon company. Although it has been around since 1980, Brilliance Audio is a leader in audiobook production. It is an independent publisher with a separate catalog of audio and books. However, you can buy its products through Amazon and Audible.

Email the company to request an audition for a paid position to read aloud books to Brilliance. It may not be easy to get into the site’s performers’ ranks, as the company offers audiobooks of higher quality.

4. Upwork

Upwork offers a wide range of freelance jobs, including audiobook narration. It provides a huge opportunity to network with clients that have access to customize your profile to highlight your best talents.

Upwork accounts are easy to create, and most importantly, they’re free. Additionally, freelancers have the option to pay an extra connection which is their fee for proposals and audition submissions. Non-paying members get a few more monthly connections.

5. Voice 123

Voice 123 is the most popular platform for voice acting around the globe. Major corporations use this site to hire voice talents, such as NBC, Coca-Cola, and The New York Times.

It means that voiceovers are often needed for commercials and TV shows, but there are also many narration jobs. It’s free to sign up, and the quality of some clients here makes it worth it.

6. Vo Planet

Vo PLanet aims to provide professional voiceover services quickly and efficiently. Once a project has been posted, all voice actors can immediately audition for it. It allows for fast hiring. Vo Planet only hires experienced voice actors with studio access.

High-quality demos are another requirement. Once your application has been submitted, it may take up to 2 business days for them to review it. You will need to pay USD199 annually to join this site.

7. Audio Creative Exchange (ACX)

ACX is the most popular platform for voice talent in audiobooks. It is very easy to become an ACX reader, but it can take some time and effort to build a reputation.

Sign up to create your profile. Include relevant experience. Upload samples that demonstrate your talents. After building a solid shape, record a few seconds from your manuscript to audition.

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8. Audible

Audible is the largest audiobook site on the Internet and sells directly through Amazon. So getting your voice heard there would be a huge win. Sign up through ACX to start reading books for Audible.

ACX is Audible’s publishing platform. ACX is the publishing platform for Audible. Sign up to ACX to create audio and become a narrator. Your final product can be published on Amazon, iTunes, or Amazon.

9. Findaway Voices

Findaway Voice is a platform that allows you to create projects for your use. It means there’s less competition. It’s also the largest company for self-published authors in the US. You will first need to create an account as a Narrator.

You will be asked to choose a Per Finished Hour (PFH) rate on your profile. Some recommend starting at $85-$100 as a beginner. After that, you will complete your profile and guide yourself to other people for projects.

10. claims it is the largest marketplace for voiceover talent. Many companies and customers are looking for narrators. It is huge and matches you with jobs based on your voice profile.

Sign up as a freelancer to create an account. After that, you will fill out your profile to make you more appealing to potential companies searching for voice talent.


You don’t have to worry about being the best at captivating people’s attention if you are starting. Instead of looking at blank walls and wondering how to make money by reading books aloud, you have all the tools to take action and earn money.


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