LevelCredit Review – Everything You Should Know 2022

LevelCredit Review – Everything You Should Know 2022

Level Credit, a rent reporting and online rent payment facility, can go a long way in enhancing a persons credit score besides creating a positive rent payment history for a tenant.   

This can be very helpful to calculate credit scores. We know a person, whether homeowner or tenant, needs to qualify to be eligible for higher credit scores for a number of purposes including credit cards, personal loans, and mortgages.

This may help repair one’s credit score to avail of sundry services on credit extended by commercial banks and lending institutions. Earlier, it was known as Rent Track. This is one of the most prudent ways to pay and use this as a record to improve your credit score. It can also be utilized to repay auto loans and pay for telephone dues. 

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What is Level Credit?

It is a scientific method to identify a person’s rent payments made through the bank account linked to that of the homeowner. Rent payment is a regular monthly financial payment liability. It is directly related to your credit score as it can increase your credit rating or lower it. 

In today’s world, a person needs credit for a large number of purposes. The primary clause to avail of such loans as personal loans and credit card is a good credit score to prove one’s creditworthiness. This can be proved by Level Credit reports. 

Level Credit also helps one to get a loan to pay rent. It takes care to create a rent payment history in the following manner: 

Sharing of Rent Payment Details:

This is required to create a positive credit score. One has to submit a receipt or copy of rent payments.  

Monitoring of Timely Rent Payment:

It verifies your rent payment records. Such a record can tell all about your rent payment schedule. It would prove you are paying timely. At the same time, it would also show whether you have defaulted on rent payment.  

Reporting to Level Credit Bureaus:

After verification of your rent payment history, the Level Credit sends the report to the Bureaus. The reporting to Bureaus can happen only when your rent payment history is positive.   

Helping Your Credit Score:

It is very helpful to enhance your credit scores. If the rent-payment history is positive, it can be added to your credit report. Sometimes, one can enhance the credit score by about 30 Points through this method. 

What Does Level Credit Report to Credit Bureaus?

Level Credit has three credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. Among them, TransUnion is meant only for the identification of one’s utility and cell phone payments. Rest all the three Credit Bureaus are primarily meant for tracking the rent payment history. This report of rent payment can be used for credit score rating. 

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Pros of Level Credit

Following are the benefits of Level Credit reports:

Fee Structure is Moderate:

The monthly fee charged is low. This enables all to avail the benefit. The fee structure has been designed in such a manner that all can afford to pay it.  

Reports of Bureaus Legal:

Reports sent to all three credit bureaus are helpful as they can enhance one’s credit score that may be utilized to avail loans from commercial banks and other lending companies. 

This is a Valid Document Concerning Your Rent Payment:

This is a legal document (i.e. score report of Level Credit).  

Level Credit Can Pay Rent on Your Behalf:

Level Credit can also pay rent on your behalf. This helps you to avoid making monthly payments and keep its record. The additional benefit of it is that there is no chance of missing any payment for rent.

Cons of Level Credit

There is no con, as such. The only point that can be raised over the cons is that one has to give details of the bank account. However, such information is fully secured. 

Who Should Use Level Credit?

This facility can be availed by anyone who lives in a rented house. The daily office job or running the business sometimes make those living in rented homes either miss the time to pay the rent or forget it. 

Here, Level Credit can solve the problem. This is ideal for working people who can hardly spare much time to deposit the rent due to their 9 AM to 6 PM jobs. Those who run a business are even harder pressed for time. Hence, people by and large can use the facility of Level Credit. 

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Level Credit Cost & Pricing 

The cost and pricing of Level Credit are very much affordable. The pricing module has been designed in such a way that it mostly suits all. 

While the Level Credit monthly subscription amount is $ 6.95, it is $ 40.95 for the LookBack service (one-time payment).  

We, thus, find that the cost and pricing of Level Credit hardly can be considered taxing to those who subscribe to it. The cost and pricing of Level Credit may be minimal but it can help you gain maximum benefits by way of maintaining a good credit score rating and also increase your creditworthiness. 


Level Credit is an extremely streamlined system. That is why this facility is being availed by a large number of people across the USA. One can completely relax over the issue of rent payment after signing with Level Credit. 

Moreover, this is also one of the ways to maintain your credit rating and improve the credit score that can help you in availing facility of credit cards and various types of bank loans. 

Level Credit may be considered a helpful system as the reports sent to its three Bureaus can go a long way in enhancing your credit score by pushing it to the higher side. Besides, those keeping very busy should find it really a great relief as Level Credit can pay rent, and loan liabilities of different types, including auto loans and telephone bills. This saves your time and energy. Thus, one can feel relaxed by subscribing to the services of Level Credit.


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