Petco Pay Credit Card – Everything You Should Know

Petco Pay Credit Card – Everything You Should Know

Petco has released a credit card for its customers. It is a MasterCard with no annual fee and no charge to carry an existing Petco credit or debit card balance. The new credit card provides convenience when purchasing pet supplies, including discounts on grocery purchases, making it easier and more affordable to care for pets. The company is currently in the process of testing the new card with consumers in different states. The offer is available to customers who pay at least $100 per month on the card.

What is a Petco Pay Credit Card?

Petco pay card is a credit card that both pet stores and customers widely use. They are popular because they allow customers to make purchases with their credit cards without giving out personal information. It can be helpful in case the person’s identity gets stolen. 

Also, they need to protect themselves from fraudulent charges. It is not a conventional credit card because it does not have an annual fee or other charges. The rewards program with the credit card includes discounts on products and specials and cashback. They offer many benefits and rewards, including cash back on your purchases and 10% off.

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Petco Credit Card Features

  • The Petco credit card offers discounts at many stores and restaurants. These discounts are available on the card for everyday low prices. 
  • Another benefit of the card is getting a free year of Petco insurance. 
  • The card also has no foreign transaction fees, so travel with your pet without being charged extra. 
  • You will earn 10% back on all of your purchases or an exclusive 30-day/100% off deal for new members. 
  • The Petco credit card features interest-free financing and 0% intro APR. 
  • It also offers a variety of points programs, including the “Pets Points” program that allows you to earn points towards future purchases.

Petco Credit Card Pros and Cons

The Petco credit card is one of the most popular cards today. It is ideal for people who already own a pet and are looking to purchase more or have a pet that needs to be taken care of regularly. The card offers different reward options that depend on what the owner plans on using their card for. The biggest pro to this card is that it currently offers an introductory 0% interest rate for the first six months, making purchasing supplies and food for your pet much more affordable. There are no annual fees with the card, and you earn one point for every dollar spent.

Despite its many upsides, there are also some cons with this card. One con is that there are no rewards for paid monthly service charges. Another con is that if you don’t pay your bill in full every month, you will be charged interest from the day your payment is due until you pay it off. The negative side of this card is that it only allows one free reward per year, which can disappoint some people.

Petco Pay Credit Card Rates & Fees

The interest rate for Petco credit cards is 28.74%. Moreover, the minimum finance charge is $2, and the maximum finance charge is $39. There are no annual fees, but 3% processing fees apply to each transaction.

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Should You Apply for the Petco Pay Mastercard Credit Card?

The Petco Pay Mastercard Credit Card is an excellent credit card for those who want to start building a credit history. The interest rates are low enough to make the cards cost-effective, and with no annual fee, it’s a steal for the price. It also comes with many perks, such as a $50 statement credit and gifts.

The Petco Pay Mastercard offers 0% APR for 12 months on purchases only. If you have a balance of $0 on your account, then you will not have to make any payments on that balance for 12 months. However, the APR is massive at 17.99%. 

Who Should Take a Petco credit card?

If you’re a pet owner, you know how important it is to have the best for your furry friends. That’s why we suggest that you take a Petco credit card on your next trip to make sure that you have the best for your pets. This credit card offers discounts on many items at Petco stores and discounts and rewards when shopping online. If you are in the market for a new pet, this card can help save money on your purchase by offering $50 off the purchase of any new animal.

How to Earn Rewards on Petco credit card?

There are many opportunities to earn rewards on the Petco credit card. You can get cash back for every dollar you spend at Petco and receive rewards for going green by recycling your old cat food cans. Another opportunity is to buy a merchandise credit from them and then use it toward an item you want. Petco credit card members can earn rewards for purchases made on the card. Cardholders receive a free treat for every $100 spent and one pet toy for every $500 spent.

Things You Should Know About Petco credit card

1. Different Versions of Petco Credit Card

Petco has two credit cards, both of which are offered by Comenity Bank. Each card has an annual cost, and both offer reward points. Petco Pay Credit Card is easily helpful at Petco stores. 

Petco Pay Mastercard Credit Card can be used anywhere Mastercard accepts. Credit cards for stores that can access a more comprehensive array of services are called “open-loop” cards.

It is necessary to be a part of Petco’s loyalty program for free, known as Pals Rewards, in order to be able to apply to these credit cards. After you’ve signed in to your accounts, fill out an application on both cards. You may still qualify for the credit card with a store-only feature if you’re denied.

2. Rewards are Confusing

While rewards are often advertised as percentages, you’ll receive benefits in terms of Points from Pals Rewards, which are only available at Petco.

With each Petco buy, earn 1.6 points. Customers using the Mastercard version also get 0.4 points for groceries and 0.2 points on all other purchases. 

A $100 purchase will earn you 160 points that can be spent at Petco instead of the $8 you would think of from the reward-earning rate. 100 Petco points equal $5 worth of Petco rewards.

3. Decent Earnings

Cardholders with either version can earn 8% cashback when they make Petco purchases. This version of the Petco Mastercard version also earns:

  • 2.2% off on grocery shop purchases.
  • 1.1% off on any other purchase.

The 8% cashback isn’t so generous as it appears, however. All Paid Rewards members receive 5% back on every Petco purchase regardless of whether they own the card. If you have a Petco credit card, you’ll also earn 3 percent back for Petco purchases, giving you an average of 8percent. This isn’t bad, but not enough to be helpful for the typical Petco customer.

If you signed up with the Pal Rewards program and placed all of your Petco transactions on a credit card that gives 2 percent back on everything, you’ll still receive 7 percent cashback on purchases at the store. It’s a bit less than your rewards from credit cards will be more flexible.

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4. Reward Points Expiry

When you’ve reached the 100-point mark, you’ll get an amount of $5, which you’ll have to add to account Pals Rewards accounts manually. It can do on the internet or by calling Petco Customer Relations. The rewards expire after one year from the time you have earned them.

If you return a purchased item and the points earned are taken from your account after having already used them in the first place, you may end up with a negative balance of points. All new rewards use to bring this balance back to zero before you can start earning points. If you wish to return something for which you have earned rewards, you will not receive those rewards.

5. Financing options

Some purchases are eligible for a financing plan, but you will not earn any bonus on that purchase if you choose a plan.

  • 12-month financing on transactions with a minimum purchase of $499.
  • 9-month financing on transactions with a minimum purchase of $399.
  • 6-month financing on transactions with a minimum purchase of $299.

This option could be helpful for pet parents who use Petco vets, but not all locations will qualify.


The article discusses the different aspects of the Petco credit card. Some of the benefits of using a credit card, such as lower prices, are true. The disadvantages of using a credit card, such as paying interest on purchases, are also true. Ultimately, it is best to use cash or debit cards when spending on your pet care. Petco offers a credit card that can use to purchase pet supplies. This card is free to use and comes with a generous sign-up bonus. The card has no annual fees and no foreign transaction fee.


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