Sephora Credit Card: Everything You Should Know

Sephora Credit Card: Everything You Should Know

In the March 2019 news release, Sephora unveiled plans to provide a Sephora Credit Card and Sephora Visa Credit Card as well as the Sephora Visa Signature Credit Card. Sephora has begun offering credit cards that can now use for orders made using the standard Sephora Credit Card and Sephora Visa Credit Card. 

Be aware that you won’t be able to determine the card you’ll be approved for until you’ve submitted your application, and approval is dependent on creditworthiness. Get exclusive benefits not available on Sephora’s website at Kohl’s stores in the United States and online. For terms and conditions, visit Sephora at or beauty insider. 

Different Versions of the Sephora Credit Card

  • Sephora Credit Card

The standard Sephora Credit Card has an annual fee. It can only use in Sephora or other authorized retail stores. When you sign up and use the card, Sephora Credit Cardholders receive 15% off of the first Sephora purchase. You will also earn 4% in rewards when shopping in-store and online through Sephora. The card is backed by a 27.99 APR Presently, $125 of reward dollars earned amounts to a $5 credit card reward that can exchange for a percentage of eligible purchases.

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  • Sephora Visa Credit Card

The Sephora Visa Credit Card offers the same advantages as Sephora Credit Card. Sephora Credit Card, which includes 15% off the first purchase. Every time you can earn a $20 Sephora credit card reward when purchasing $500 beyond Sephora within those first few days following the date of approval. 

Earn 4% back on rewards at the store and earn 1% in rewards for purchases outside Sephora. The card has a 19.24 percent or 27.99 percent APR, depending on your creditworthiness. On top of these benefits, Sephora Visa Credit Card cardholders are rewarded when they use the card for purchases at any other store.

  • Sephora Visa Signature Credit Card

The announcement in the news release about Sephora’s Sephora credit cards revealed the availability of a Visa Signature version of the credit card. However, the card isn’t open for applications through Sephora’s website. Sephora website. 

The Sephora Visa Signature Credit Card is no exception. No liability insurance and the benefits in Sephora Visa Signature Credit Card the Sephora Visa Credit Card Visa Signature offers extended warranties and emergency and travel assistance for cardholders abroad. If you fall sick or require urgent assistance with transportation or legal help during your travels, you can contact a call center 24/7 to receive assistance.

Reasons to Get a Sephora Credit Card

1. Sign-Up Bonuses

New Sephora cardholders get 25% off their first purchase in-store or online. You must utilize the discount within 30 days from the date of approval. It is only available once and does not apply to prior purchases. However, the 25% discount cannot combine with other discounts. Also, it can utilize for any Sephora item or service. 

Sephora Visa cardholders can also receive $20 on a subsequent Sephora purchase when they use the card to make a minimum of $500 in Sephora-related purchases in the initial 90 days following the card’s approval. The bonus of $20 will be credited with other rewards earned and will be credited to the card’s statement of account.

2. Cash-Back Rewards

Sephora cardholders get a 4 percent cash back reward on every Sephora purchase, whether at the Sephora shop or Purchases made at Sephora departments that other retailers do not sell will not qualify for this bonus.

Sephora Visa cardholders can utilize Sephora Visa cards at any time. Cardholders can get cash-back rewards of 1% for all purchases outside of Sephora and Sephora department purchases at various retail stores.

Cash-back rewards are only used for Sephora purchases in-store or online. The cardholder must redeem rewards within 90 days of their issuance, or else the rewards will expire. It cannot use the cash-back reward with any other Sephora discount coupons on purchase. Cardholders can track their cash-back rewards on their bill statement, online Sephora profile, or app.

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3. Beauty Insider Rewards

The Beauty Insider loyalty program awards points that can be redeemed for discounts or entered into the sweepstakes. Points earned from other sources like credit card rewards are also kept track of and used for future purchases.

4. Exclusive Cardholder Offers

Cardmembers get special offers throughout the year, including free-with-purchase deals and discounts on purchases. Cardholders can still earn beauty Insider points and cash-back rewards when making special offer purchases.

5. No Annual Fee

Most rewards credit cards come with an annual cost. The charges will incur any accrued rewards if the card isn’t frequently used. These cards come with a yearly fee and charge the card, including the Sephora Visa Signature card.

Federal law demands the bank issuing the card to inform cardholders 45 days before the new fee is effective. Cardholders may choose to cancel their card to avoid the annual charge.

6. Sephora Visa Signature Benefits

Sephora Visa Signature card offers all the benefits offered by that Sephora Visa card, as well as access to exclusive benefits listed Visa Signature benefits:

  1. Visa Concierge: Helps with entertainment tickets as well as travel planning
  2. Roadside dispatch: Provides pay-per-use, 24/7 roadside assistance

Is Sephora Visa Credit Card Right for You?

The Sephora Visa card is ideal for those with long-lasting Sephora loyalty. It also grants you the chance to save up to 50% on future purchases at the retailer, which will help you save money over the long term. If you’re looking for credit card options for makeup and beauty items, Sephora has exactly what you need. When you apply for a credit card with them, you get access to the Beauty Insider Program. Signing up for each card will sign you up for this exclusive program. Additionally, Visa Signature cardholders can enjoy additional benefits with Visa’s premium program, such as perks for travel and food events. Before you put aside the cash in your wallet for a new card, Priya Malani, R29 financial expert, and partner of Stash Wealth, warns that there are some things to think about.

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Sephora Visa Credit Card Rates and Fees

Although you’re Sephora credit card won’t be subject to an annual charge. However, there are fees for the other credit card services, such as:

  • The APR on balance transfer balance transfers is 26.99 percent. It fluctuates with rates at the top of your range. Based upon the greater amount, the transaction fee is either $10 or 5 percent of the transfer amount.
  • The APR for cash advances will be 26.74 percent. The rate can fluctuate according to your prime rate. The fee for transactions is 10 dollars or 3% of the advance.
  • A USD transaction charges a 3% charge for foreign currency transactions.
  • Late payments can be subject to a 40 percent fee.
  • The average APR for purchases for your routine purchases is between 16.99 percent and 25.74 percent. It will be based on your credit history as well as your current rate of interest. You may still be able to lower the APR if you make your payments promptly and in full.

How to Redeem Sephora Rewards?

Sephora Credit Card Rewards comes as a voucher for online or in-store purchases. Also, they are the currency of the card’s reward program and services in the form of store credit. Reward dollars can easily redeem for your purchase at the point of checkout. Also, it reduces the total cost of your purchase. And, 25 reward dollars requires to earn $1.00.

Sephora Visa Rewards only offers only one option for redemption. Earning is used as reward dollars and a requirement of a minimum of $5 before the voucher can be issued. This means that you’ll require 125 points before redeeming your rewards. Reward Dollar amounts of between $5 and 125 RDs are instantly generated as vouchers. It will store points until you have enough money to redeem a voucher within your bank account. Rewards from credit cards expire 90 days after the date they earned them. However beautiful an account holder is, their annual earnings, spending, or expenses expire.


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