Where to Get Quarters Quickly? – 11 Easy Ways

Where to Get Quarters Quickly? – 11 Easy Ways

Carrying change can be inconvenient for anyone, but quarters are also useful. You can use them at vending machines, parking meters, or to meet other essentials. You need quarters to do the laundry stuff and also to keep some of them in your wallets for emergency purposes. 

Sometimes, it can be truly frustrating to have no quarters when you need them the most. This article is all about helping you collect necessary quarters that you can use for your day-to-day work. 

Why is there a Coin Shortage?

The problem of coin shortage has been aggravated due to the COVID-19 pandemic. There has been a continuous decrease in economic activities throughout the US. It led to a massive coin shortage across the nation. 

You can also keep a piggy bank at home in which you can store coins. It will give you direct access to the change whenever you need it. Coin shortage is a universal phenomenon, it happens everywhere. As we move towards the future, you will face coin shortages more and more. 

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Places to Get Quarters Quickly

1. Stop By The Bank

The best way to get some change is to approach a nearby bank. You can then withdraw money from your savings bank account in coins. Whether you have an account with the bank or not the latter will try to fulfill your request. 

If you need a lot of money in quarters, you must go to a bank where you have an account. Alternatively, approach a bank teller and ask for an exchange with the cash in hand.

2. Grocery Store

If you are in urgent need of coins, getting in touch with a nearby grocery store can help. Big grocery marts like Target, Walmart, and others can help you get coins. 

You may have to purchase some items from the store to get coins. Do it. You can also approach the store’s customer support department to furnish your request for quarters. They can help you if they hold enough reserve coins at that time.

3. Fast Food Establishments 

If you don’t get enough quarters from grocery stores and malls, you should try to get in touch with fast food establishments. You can also purchase some items from their menu to get quarters. They may provide you with immediate help with a dollar or two. 

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4. Gas Stations and Pharmacies

Gas stations and pharmacies often keep coins. Simply make some small purchases from a pharmacy store and pay them in full currency. You can ask them to pay you the balance amount in coins. 

You can also directly approach a nearby gas station to get quarters. At first, you should try to get your dollars exchanged for quarters, but if they deny, then you must make some purchases. Both gas stations and pharmacies can help you get a limited amount of quarters. 

Be courteous and polite as much as you can. Because sometimes, it’s just your behavior that compels a small business owner to dedicate time to help you get quarters. 

5. Car Washes and Laundromats

Laundromats stay open throughout the day. Here, most consumers pay through quarters to get services. Most machines here operate through coins and quarters. You can easily get 1 to 2 dollars exchanged for quarters. 

6. Make a Purchase

Sometimes, mere making requests for quarters won’t help. You have to make a small purchase for service or goods from a particular shop and get a cashback option too. 

For making a small purchase, you can buy gum, candies, toffees, noodles, chips, and vegetables. These stores will generally accept cash and credit cards too. 

7. Arcades

Arcades also have change machines to dispense quarters. Here you can get as many quarters as you need. If you find a nearby arcade, you must go there. Some putt-putt courses also install the quarter machine at their establishments. You can exchange a few dollars for some quarters. 

8. Ask a friend for a quarter

You can always ask a friend for help. If they have quarters in hand or at home, they will certainly help. Whenever you need a few quarters, your friend is just a call away. 

9. Machines for sale

You should also go for a bigger deal to get quarters from a sales machine. For a $1 product, you can pay $5. In turn, you will get 16 quarters back. Another option is to simply press ‘change’ and get the money exchanged in quarters.

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10. Soda Machines

Older soda machines can really help you get coins. If you come across an old Soda machine, pause and give a dollar to it. But you have to click on the ‘change return’ button. Don’t buy anything. It will certainly help and get you quarters. 

11. Street actors

Street actors keep a lot of change to themselves. You can approach them and make a request. They would happily agree to a swap and make a small income from the entire process. You may have to trade 10 dollars in cash for 8 dollars in quarters. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Where can I buy laundry coins?

You can buy laundry coins at banks or gas stations and pharmacies. You can also consult your nearest grocery shop for it. 

2. Can I still get quarters from the bank?

Yes. But you need to have at least $10 in cash to get it exchanged for a quarter of a roll.  

3. How to Get Quarters Delivered to Your Home?

The process is simple, but not a good idea per se. There are some websites on which you can get quarters delivered to your home. Some of these websites are Amazon, eBay, and others. The roll of quarters is fixed at $10—you must invest at least 10-USD to get quarters in a specified quantity. But it will involve some commission in the process, which will be retained by the e-commerce firm.

In Conclusion

Right now, almost everyone transacts using their debit and credit cards. But at some point in time, you need quarters and coins to pay off bills. So, whenever you need quarters, you can get help by following the above tips. 


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